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Coworking vs Homeworking – what’s best for you?

The majority of our members are freelancers, small business owners and employees who are managing to balance work and family life through flexible working. They have chosen coworking over home-working and its easy to see why. Coworking allows you to separate work from home, maximises productivity and creativity, reduces loneliness, helps you create a network(…)

Zoe’s Third Door Journey

I started using Third Door (Workhub & Nursery) when my little boy Jackson was about 7 months old. My contract at the BBC had finished just before I went on maternity leave and I was contemplating whether to go back to work at all when a friend sent me a really interesting link to a freelance(…)

#workthatworks – Lucia’s Story

I came across Third Door when looking for a place for Tessa to go to when she was 5 months old. I was ready to go back to work and needed somewhere I could take my daughter for a few hours a week. The idea of a Nursery and a Workhub all in one is absolutely(…)

Flexappeal – the benefits of flexible working

If more jobs were flexible by default, more men could share childcare responsibilities and more women could work in roles where their skills are fully utilised. It is for this reason that Third Door has pledged to promote flexible working and supports Anna Whitehouse aka MotherPukka in her ‘Flexappeal’ campaign to raise awareness that 54,000 women leave(…)

Third Door and the Women’s Equality Party

Third Door’s ultimate goal is to improve the work/life balance for families with working parents. This goal is closely aligned with the Women Equality Party’s Equal Parenting and Caregiving objective. Equal parenting will help reduce the pay gap, enable more men to take part in childcare, and allow more children to benefit from time with both their parents.(…)