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Third Door and the Women’s Equality Party

Third Door’s ultimate goal is to improve the work/life balance for families with working parents. This goal is closely aligned with the Women Equality Party’s Equal Parenting and Caregiving objective. Equal parenting will help reduce the pay gap, enable more men to take part in childcare, and allow more children to benefit from time with both their parents.(…)

Making the most of Shared Parental Leave

Third Door Member, Sarah Rose, shares her experience of Shared Parental Leave. This new legislation was announced from Third Door in November 2012 by the then Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg. It’s now over a year since the new Shared Parental Leave legislation came into force, allowing parents to share up to 50 week’s worth(…)

Third Door is awarded e-QC for Nursery provision above national standards

Quality accreditation scheme e-Quality Counts (e-QC) from the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) is designed to help nurseries explore all aspects of its care and education to ensure delivery of the best possible service for young children. Well just this past year, the NDNA awarded our nursery a Level 1 – above national standards! Working(…)

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