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Truly flexible day nurseries

Day nurseries at Third Door are especially designed for flexible childcare. Here, we encourage children to do what they do best – play, learn and have fun.

The Third Door day nursery is Ofsted registered and follows the EYFS framework. You can happily leave your children to enjoy themselves for a few hours or a full week, whilst you work wither in our Workhub or in your place of work.


Our day nursery is all about flexible childcare and allows you to choose the sessions and days that suit you around your working pattern, whether it changes on a week to week basis or stays the same. Our Online Booking System allows you to be in control and make the bookings as and when required.

You can use the day nurseries on a package that suits you or use it on an ad-hoc basis if you have shorter, more urgent childcare needs.

Whilst flexible childcare suits the needs of parents, the loving, caring environment for children that we have created allows for educational opportunities as well as play.

Additionally, the children in the day nurseries are looked after in one room. Different age groups are split when doing activities relevant to their age group and all the groups are brought together for meals. There are many advantages of bringing together children of different age groups in one room; please read here.

Close working relationships between Parent, Child and Practitioner

Our vision is to foster a close working relationship with parents to help their child grow as an individual. One of the areas we pride ourselves in is the strong relationships we build with parents who work in our Workhub as well as those who use only the ‘Nursery-only’ option; so much so, that Ofsted awarded us an Outstanding for Parent-Carer relationships:

“Partnership with parents and carers is excellent. Parents are treated with great respect as their child’s first teachers and carers and the people who know the child best. The information gained from parents about children’s dietary needs, sleep patterns and comfort needs is what makes our flexible childcare better than others. This information is well known to the staff. The intranet site provides parents with a wealth of information.”

You can find the Third Door Ofsted report here.

Please refer to our our Day Nurseries FAQs page for more information on our Nursery.

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