Workhub Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to answer all our Workhub FAQs here, hope it helps!


  • Membership is open to professionals who are family friendly. You don't have to be a parent or use the child care or to become a member and use our workhub; you just need to be able to work remotely and want to work in a shared work space.

  • There are 18 hot desks for coworkers to use.

  • Yes, you can use one of our two phone booths or the two small offices in the Workhub.

  • Yes. It is easy to get into Third Door from the street and we also have disabled access via the lift to the first floor.

  • There is hourly on-street metered parking for a maximum of four hours in any one space. Alternatively you can use Mobile Phone parking that allows you to only pay for the time you use via your mobile phone. You can also opt to be sent a text message when your parking is about to run out.