Coworking with Childcare – 7 years on!

Third Door (Workhub & Nursery) is celebrating seven years of being in business this month. Over that time, rapid advances in technology have made flexible working a more viable option for working parents as well as employers and we see that reflected in our membership growth. When we launched, we spent our time explaining why Third Door was needed so it is wonderful to see that, seven years on, parents are now actively searching for facilities offering flexible coworking space with flexible childcare. We are now part of a larger movement for flexibly working parents who want to work as well as spend quality time with their children and Third Door is here to ‘Help Family & Work grow together’.

Third Door was founded on the belief that it is possible to excel at your career AND be there for your family through flexible working and childcare. This ethos is shared by our members and supporters of equal parenting. In 2012, the former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg chose Third Door to announce new legislation of shared parental leave as well as extending the right to request flexible working for all. In 2016, Women’s Equality Party London Mayor candidate Sophie Walker was interviewed at Third Door, highlighting how flexible working and childcare can tackle gender inequality.

We are seeing more coworking with childcare communities appearing around the world (the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Japan and Australia) and, as the gig-economy grows and more industries adopt agile working practices, there is a growing demand for flexible childcare. People are still used to separating children from business but spaces like Third Door show that your family and work can grow together. We are looking forward the next seven years!