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Our blog is designed as a conversation-starter, covering topics such as flexible working, working parents, equal parenting, mental health, freelancing, small business, work / life / family balance and childcare development.  Take a look through our blog posts and please join the conversation!

Third Door Winner and Finalists

Our Third Door Winner is Jessica St Clair – Green Families   Jessica has always had a passion for green living and once she became a parent to her son Henry (now 18 months old) she was more determined than ever to help other families live a greener life. She...

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Third Door is mentioned in Peekaboo blog

I was so excited to read a mention of Third Door in Melissa’s PR blog. Although Melissa will be working with Third Door on creating awareness and implementing the PR strategy, ambulance there is something truly amazing about finally reading a mention of your own...

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Lipstick Entrepreneurs!

I came across this term a few days ago as coined by some research that Avon had recently commissioned. I was intrigued by this rather patronising term to describe female entrepreneurs but only just got a chance to look it up now. I’m writing this entry as I read it...

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Welcome to the Third Door blog

Welcome to the Third Door blog. I’m still very new to blogging but hope to pick it up quickly and be able to share information and thoughts on all topics related to and relevant for the working parent. Also will share my experience and life as a working parent...

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