Every now and then at Third Door HQ, we come across online tools and websites that have a direct and tangible impact on the way we conduct our daily lives. Past game changers have included Evernote, Citymapper and Toggl (read a review of Toggl by ‘The Freelance Effect’ here).

This month, we have compiled our top five websites that are already showing promising signs of helping deliver New Years goals and objectives both in the personal and professional realms. Whether it is brushing up on a skill you have identified as crucial to this year’s success, delegating tasks, sticking to some health changes, or even learning a new language, we are confident that at least one of the below will stand out in helping you on the right path!

Udemy has a bold mission “to help people learn anything” but are well on their way to delivering on this. The 22,000+ courses cover subjects from publishing an ebook, how to raise funds, speed-reading, productivity hacks, to flower arranging and learning to think like a philosopher.  As ‘the world’s online learning platform’, it’s a well structured and motivating way to be upskilled and gain your confidence, all from your own home or coworking hub.

Alternatively, you could even register to become an instructor on Udemy, and share your area of expertise to the vast and growing online Udemy community – 5 million and growing, in fact!

Fiverr is ‘the marketplace for creative and professional services’, where every service offers a basic gig for just US $5! The basic premise is that you can access freelancers from all across the world to delegate various business and personal needs for the cost of a cup of coffee. With Fiverr, you can save yourself valuable money and  time to focus on activities more closely aligned with your skillset and schedule. Popular “gigs” include logo design, virtual assistants, social media help, video editing, copywriting or programming.

You can also create a profile to offer your own skill and talents as an added stream of freelance income by being a creative with adding ‘gig extras’ to boost earning power.

Duolingo is a fantastic and proven platform for learning multiple languages for free. If you have resigned to the fact that you’re too old to possibly become fluent in another language, then think again. As a multi award winning desktop/mobile phone app, it provides extensive (and fun!) written lessons and dictation, with speaking practice for more advanced users.

The gamified skill tree keeps things interesting enough to ‘play’ Duolingo every day for even just a few minutes to half an hour, as you progress through levels and keep learned vocabulary strong. Before you know it you will be reaching fluency in your chosen language!

Coach.me is ‘instant coaching for any goal’ and provides just that. You can choose to jump on board one of the ready made popular expert plans (paid and free) or stipulate your own goals (free). Coach.me makes it easy for you to track and celebrate the goals with etiher your friends or the rest of the Coach.me community. A huge part of this is the accountability aspect – if you make you progress public for friends to see, it helps you to keep to your goals and continue your ‘goal completing streaks’.

In-app purchases can be made, such as paying an extra $14.99 to gain access to expert coaching plans that give daily coaching techniques on how to achieve the goals.

Product Hunt.com isn’t strictly speaking, a direct learning resource, but more of a source of inspiration. Not only curating the latest innovative products, the website also features really interesting new services (websites, apps, software, businesses) across a wide range of industries. More often than not, it will point you to potentially helpful resources that may be relevant to improving your own life.

At the very least, it’s a fantastic way to spend a few minutes a day being inspired and motivated by what others are bringing to the market!

If this short list is not enough, head to Startup Stash for many more resources and tools.

Take some time this week to check out the above list and see whether they have a place in your life to help make the most of every day.