This recent article from promotes self-care, automation, outsourcing and choosing carefully the work you take on. “When you’re a freelancer, everything about work comes down on your shoulders. You do the creating, the bookkeeping, the press, the marketing and the cleaning up. It’s a heavy load to bear and it can lead to exhaustion from the need to wear so many hats at once.” Many parents choose to freelance so they can balance their careers with their family life and childcare but maintaining that balance is not always straight-forward.

Speaking at Managements Today’s ‘Future of Work: Digital’ conference in London, ‘A Great Day at the Office’ author Dr Briffa gave some good advice for how to keep our energy levels high and be as productive as possible with a healthy diet, hydration, physical activity, sleep, light exposure and mind-body balance. His 3 ‘top tips’ were: 1) Eat a ‘primal’ diet based on natural, unprocessed foods 2) Make sure you drink enough fluid throughout the day and 3) Value sleep, and take steps to optimise it such as not using devices in the hour before going to bed.

One of our Members, Kate, a self-employed chartered accountant, has recently described how Third Door has helped her and her family. “Being at Third Door has given me a separate space for work and I feel freer to have fun with my boys when I’m not in the Workhub. At Third Door I work alongside other professionals, all of whom are friendly and lovely, plus it is great to be able to use the private rooms for client meetings. Before starting at the Workhub I felt overwhelmed by the amount of work I had taken on but, thanks to Third Door, I have been able to increase my productivity and taken on two additional clients.”