Gender pay gap – the impact on working parents

At Third Door we believe in equal parenting – where men and women equally share their caring responsibilities allowing both to progress with their chosen careers after having children. Sharing the burdens and joys of family life reduces financial pressure, improves children’s wellbeing and strengthens relationships plus it is the key to reducing the pay gap and achieving gender quality. Taking time away from the workplace to have children and the societal prejudice that allocates childcare responsibilities to the mother are certainly contributing factors to the pay gap and that is why we encourage parents to share responsibilities (and leave) and provide a coworking space and flexible nursery where working parents can continue their careers whilst being close to their children.

Gender pay gap

Mind the Gap

Talking of the pay gap, 10th November was Equal Pay Day, the day from which women effectively stop earning relative to men. Recent Korn Ferry research shows that the average woman’s salary in Britain is 29% lower than the average man’s but this can be explained by differences between industries, ranks within companies and the nature of the tasks a job requires. The main problem today is not unequal pay for equal work, but the systemic bias that leads women to be in lower-ranking jobs at lower-paying organisations in the first place.

Equal Parenting

According to Sheryl Sandberg: “We start telling boys to lead and girls not to lead at a really young age. That is a mistake.” She believes that we have made more progress in the workforce than we have in the home with women doing twice as much housework than men once they have a child and three times the amount of childcare. She makes a strong case for equal parenting saying that households with equal earnings and equal responsibilities have half the divorce rate!