We’ve all heard about Google Analytics, and we’ve probably even enjoyed looking at the pretty stats and graphs showing us how many people have visited our website and what country they are from. If that sounds familiar, don’t worry – according to digital expert Matt Scaysbrook, we fall into the majority of small business owners.

This week, Third Door hosted another one of KindredHQ’s regular Pop up Coworking events in our Workhub where freelancers are able to ‘combine fun, networking and productivity’. To start the afternoon off, Matt Scaysbrook was able to demystify what we can actually do with web analytic data in a punchy one-hour lunch seminar.

During his presentation, Matt was able to take us through some simple steps we can make immediately in utilising the free data provided by Google Analytics. This is often overlooked by many freelancers and business owners who have set up their online presence, linked it to a Google Analytics account but do not know what to do with the rich statistics. The information includes everything from how many people have clicked on your email campaigns, to how they interact once on your website, to what happens just before a ‘conversion’ is made.

We discovered that it was well worth investing our time in simple actions like setting up goals and advanced segments, which would make it much easier for us to extract and understand our data on an ongoing basis. This forms the baseline of understanding.

ONLY once this baseline is established is where the exciting stuff can occur. Matt’s expertise lies in using the data that we have to analyse what is working (or not working) in our marketing and strategic efforts. For example, by understanding how our data can work for us, we can now clearly see what email campaign led to the greatest interaction on our website, or which marketing source brings in the most sales.

All this is the golden treasure for time-poor freelancers and small businesses. Imagine being confident in knowing what marketing activities are driving the most effective results and capitalising on those. This not only increases our productivity using limited resources, but allows us to have more time to spend with our family. And at Third Door, where we are all for work and family harmony, that is music to our ears!

Why not take a closer look at how you can make your data work smarter for you this year.

You can read more about Matt here.

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