Kate’s story – “Third Door has been such a lifesaver”

I am a self-employed chartered accountant with two sons – Henry, who is 4 and Freddie who just turned 2. I first came to Third Door in October 2015 with my youngest then moved Henry over to join us at Third Door in the spring of 2016. Although I’m not local – I come in from the borough of Ealing – it is great to not have an additional commute into work after the nursery run, I just walk upstairs.

Third Door has been such a lifesaver for me. Before coming to Third Door I was primarily working from home, trying to work and look after my children at the same time and I felt like I did both poorly. Like a lot of self-employed people, I found it hard to know when to stop working and it felt like I was working all the time, and not enjoying the precious time with my little boys. Being at Third Door has helped enormously by giving me a separate space for work, which has meant that I feel much more free to have fun with my boys when I’m not in the workhub. I hate working from home, it feels isolating and I am not very productive. It is great working alongside other professionals in the workhub, all of whom are friendly and lovely. It is also great to have the meeting rooms for meeting clients. Before starting at the workhub I felt overwhelmed by the amount of work, but I have since increased my productivity such that I have been able to take on two additional clients and my work volume is well under control.

My boys LOVE the nursery. They especially enjoy the yoga – they show off their new moves to me after every session and try and get me to do more yoga at home! They have developed great relationships with staff and other children.  The staff are so wonderful and are genuinely interested in the boys’ development. There is such a lovely atmosphere there and it has had a big positive effect on my boys’ behaviour.

When I first signed up I thought it would be great to be able to pop down at any time to check up on my little one, but I have to confess I have never done so at all! It is reassuring to know I am just seconds away from them, but I also know they are having such fun enjoying themselves and learning.

My workload varies during the month – I usually have a busy first half of the month with a quieter second half. The flexibility to spread the hours over the month is brilliant. It means I have the childcare when I need it, so I can get the work done within my deadlines and then enjoy time with my boys when the work is done. It is perfect for me. The online booking service is so easy to use and I’ve always been able to get the childcare and workspace when I need it.