At Third Door, rx we are lucky to have Roger Jones as one of our members. Roger is a Digital Marketing Consultant and also an Honorary Research Fellow working as part of the Roehampton University Digital Community Group.

Roger delivered an amazing Masterclass on the power of LinkedIn at Third Door earlier this month. Roger smashed most of the group’s perception that Linked In is just an online CV site with a few recommendations from past colleagues. It’s definitely a lot more than that as we learned. We thought we’d share a few tips from Roger although they certainly can’t replace being a participant in his workshop.

Create a LinkedIn contact map so see how your connections are connected
Unsolicited recommendations are the highest compliment
Keep your personal thoughts to Facebook not LinkedIn – use it only as a business space
Status updates: Use to create Thought leadership in your field, sick , congratulate promotions
Nobody talks about something not work talking about so be sure it is worth it
Advanced Search Page: you can search a target market of people in a certain location and role
LinkedIn URL: make it specific i.e.
Skills and Expertise: define these so you will come up more in a search
Add Applications – new apps released about once a month
SlideShare – adding PowerPoint slides to your profile – eg. Portfolio etc – add the app, upload the slideshow and you can see how many people have viewed it
Reading List by Amazon – become a literary
Create an event, add it to your profile
Group Engagement is important but take baby steps: Join them, listen to what they are talking about; engage, comment, and then contribute. The rough rule of thumb – 1 contributes something (9 people comment, 90 will view it as the silent majority)
The best group is HP Small Biz Nation (word of 2011 is curation, in the social space). Small businesses need a space to discuss small business issues) so HP appointed a Community Manager to start this group. This is one of the most vibrant cool groups on LinkedIn
When you answer questions, you become the top influencer in that discussion/topic – top member, top answer
Etiquette: having social skills to understand when is the best time to ‘sell’ yourself or your product when engaging in social space. You sell by engaging, by being seen as an expert and giving the top answers, being the top of the game in your space, not by selling yourself
LinkedIn Today – news for ME, tailored to me, for today (find it in News)
Extra tips: searches everything you need to know about people
Importance of Group – thought leadership, create polls -Engage professionals and gain valuable insights, Engage your audience , Drive discussion & encourage sharing

As a result of Rogers class, we have created a Third Door Group which we will start populating asap with discussions around being working parents. Hopefully we will hold another Linkedin Masterclass by Roger in the near future, if we do, make sure you book fast as he class is worth every penny you will pay!