I came across this term a few days ago as coined by some research that Avon had recently commissioned. I was intrigued by this rather patronising term to describe female entrepreneurs but only just got a chance to look it up now. I’m writing this entry as I read it and the first point that has struck me is the number of strong ladies backing the research: Julie Meyer from Dragon’s Den Online fame, no rx Maxine Benson, discount the co-founder of everywomen, viagra Carole Stone from YouGov to name just a few. Surely these ladies can’t be backing such a term?

However, the first paragraph of the findings is:

‘In this report, inspired and commissioned by Avon, we present a picture of independent businesswomen in Britain today. We have termed these women Lipstick Entrepreneurs and the movement that they are leading, Femterprise.’

Argh! Can I really read on?!!! Despite the negative termthe report is very positive towards female entrepreneurs.

So the research has segmented the Lipstick Entrepreneur into 8 types: I think I am a Meritocrat, or a Horizontal Juggler…. actually I might be a Double Hitter.

I’ve just read the detailed descriptions of the 8 typologies and think I am a cross between the Meritocrat and the Double Hitter!

Having just finished reading the report, I think the term Lipstick entrepreneur is referring to mainly Avon ladies and the typologies that become Avon representatives. I really hope so. As a experienced researcher, I am not too impressed with the report although it is positive towards the Female Entrepreneur. But how long do us ladies have to hear terms such as Lipstick Entrepreneurs, Mumpreneurs, Working mums to describe us instead of just BusinessWoman or Entrepreneur! I hope it’s sometime in my lifetime.

Here’s the link to the report if interested: http://www.everywoman.com/documents/Final%20report-1.pdf