How cute is Bubbles?! The children have really taken to our newest addition to the Playspace. The parents have been just as excited at meeting Bubbles as the children themselves!

Bubbles has  helped towards creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. She  has also allowed the children to experience the responsibility of owning a pet.

Recent research has proven that having a pet can support children’s emotional development. It encourages them to create empathy for a living animal and caring which involves responsibility, cialis delicateness and a companion.

This all supports the EYFS curriculum in terms of developing positive relationships and personal, social and emotional development.

Communication can also be a key factor as some children may find it difficult to confide in an adult or peer, and an animal is an alternative for a confidante.

We are encouraging the children to view Bubbles as their friend and as a special treat for the children, our regular members are able to take Bubbles home with them on the weekend and share their adventures the following week.

Lisa (Playspace Manager)