Decluttering and creating both an organised home and mind.

Being a working parent of  three and living in  London, time and space  are  quite a premium. I’m  always on the  lookout for  anything that can help me  save time, help me be  more productive, organised and simply help me be a better mother,  boss, wife, and any other title I hold.

In April of last year, I came across an article  about the ‘Magic of Tidying’ by a Japanese  lady called Marie Kondo. Marie talked about  the process of truly having a tidy home by only keeping what brings you joy and discarding everything else. I applied this methodology to my wardrobe and for the rest of the year I was able to pick out outfits that I enjoyed wearing and in relatively little time.

Fast forward end of 2015 and I gave myself the task of decluttering my home during the Christmas break. I basically wanted to get our entire home organised just like I had done with my wardrobe. I bought Marie Kondo’s book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying’ and learned of the KonMari Method whilst spending a wet Christmas in Newcastle. I felt so inspired by the book that I was ready to attack my home once I got back to London.

The principles are simple and this article does a very good job of summarising the methodology.

What I actually found to be a complete life changer was learning how to fold  and store clothes in an organised fashion. There is art of folding as this  video shows.

The KonMari Method also advised to store all the items so that you can  clearly see them, similar to how you view books on a bookshelf. This is also a  massive space saver.

The next step is to move onto books which I did find difficult and wasn’t as ruthless as the book advises but I still managed to save space on the bookshelf.

I found getting rid of all my documents a lot easier. I threw basically everything away except for essential documents.

Whilst, I haven’t quite finished the process on the entire home,  I have made enough of an impact to feel clearer in my thinking and save time in finding items as they all have their own place in the home. This exercise for me was about saving time in the long term. In this this past week alone, my head is feeling lighter and clearer for the first time in a very long time.  Everything has a place in our home and as a result I have achieved my first goal of the year which was to write a blog. That alone, is a big achievement in itself.

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