At Third Door, we offer monthly flexible packages, you are allocated hours which you are welcome to use on the days that suit you.

Simply book at least 48 hours in advance using our straightforward online booking system.

You can book your child into the nursery for as little as two hours a day, or for the full day 0730-1830. Within our fixed packages, you can swap your days (within the week) and buy additional ad-hoc days. You can also upgrade and downgrade your package depending on your childcare needs.  Click here to read more about our nursery and here to read more about our coworking space.

Coworking + Nursery Pricing Options


Third Door’s unique Flexible Packages range from 30 to 135 hours per month (going up in increments of 15 hours). Below are the most popular packages.



30 HOURS per month

Plan 60:  £690
Plan 90:  £1035

Hourly Price
£11.50 per hour

flex up & down as you need it


Third Door offers Fixed Packages where you choose your fixed pattern per week. We still offer flexibility to swap days and the ability to buy additional days.



1 Day per week

2 Days:  £693
3 Days:  £1040
4 Days:  £1387
5 Days:  £1646


Our Workhub is a highly flexible solution for the ever-changing needs of employed and freelancing professionals that are looking for a space to work.



25 hours per month

45 hours:  £99
99 hours:  £175
125 hours:  £199
Unlimited £299

£25+VAT per day

* All prices are + VAT

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