September is a month of returning to routine. Children go back to school, the freedom and/or disorganisation of the summer holidays comes to an end, and we all start to think about more structure.

If you are a new parent, returning to work is not so straightforward. Whether you’ve taken a standard amount of maternity/paternity leave and are returning to a job you love or have decided you want to try something new and have a bit more flexibility, the return to work after a break from the professional world can be daunting.

A new wave of ‘returnships’ aims to help those who have taken a significant break from their careers ease back into the world of work. Spearheaded by Goldman Sachs in the States back in 2008, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley followed suit in the UK in 2014, offering 3-6 month placements with mentoring programmes and workshops designed to help people back into the corporate environment.

The idea of returnships is supported by a cross-party group of MPs who believe that they could help bring a wealth of experience and skill back into the workplace and even boost the economy. Last year, twenty-three companies offered returnships, and about 90% of people on the placements were women.

Other companies are offering a different sort of support to parents looking to get back into work: Timewise, 9-2-3, Workpond, Mummy Jobs, The Return Hub and Daisy Chain were all set up to promote agile working and help match talented and experienced parents with employers who are happy to offer flexible or part-time work.

At Third Door, we love helping parents and non-parents alike get back into their careers. While we would love to host official returnship schemes in the future, we also believe our current set-up offers a great starting point. Whether you want to return to work full time, you need head (and office!) space to create your new business, or you’d like to try freelancing for maximum flexibility, we can help. With workspace packages starting from £65 per month, and childcare packages from £350 per month, you can start off by paying only for what you need and increase your package as and when your work develops.

What was your experience of returning to work after a break?  Was there something that really helped you figure out how to manage your family and your career?

We’d love to hear your thoughts – join in the discussion on our Facebook page and visit our website for more information on what Third Door could offer you.

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