Sometimes simple ideas are born out of the founders own needs…

Back in 2008, Shazia was trying to work around her five month old daughter and found it extremely difficult. She wished for a place where she could work in peace whilst her baby was cared for nearby and ‘Eureka’ there was the seed for Third Door (Workhub & Nursery)!

Shazia researched the idea and found that trends for home working and new technology allowed more and more people to work from home and also more people were choosing to become freelancers once they became parents. Shazia proposed the idea to her husband who was also studying for his MBA at the time. Yusuf immediately understood the need for this new concept being a homeworker himself and experiencing how difficult it was to work from home around his new baby. He used the Third Door idea to write a feasibility study for his MBA dissertation. When he received a Distinction for this new concept, Shazia decided to take voluntary redundancy from her work despite being pregnant with their second child.

Third Door (Workhub & Nursery) was launched in May 2010, and has grown from being a conceptual idea to a business with employees and one that is making a net profit. Third Door has won several awards since the launch including ‘Best  local business’ in a competition run by Lloyds TSB and Heart FM, resulting in three weeks of advertising airtime in December 2010 and being recognised as a top 100 disruptive and innovative business by Smarta 100 in 2011. We have had members who have been using our services and facilities now since launch with new members being referred to by our existing members – exactly where we want to be.

With the arrival of their third child in June 2012 and their eldest starting school in September 2012, the founders are still working hard on Third Door’s Workhub and Nursery, ensuring that the current site in SW18 is being utilised in all the ways it can as well as working towards fulfilling the vision for a Third Door in every urban town in the UK and making the lives of professional parents that little bit easier.

  • If you’d like any information about our Workhub and Nursery in Putney, Wandsworth please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.