The Telegraph

We are very proud to have been featured in a recent article in The Telegraph “Coworking nurseries: Can work and playtime really mix?”. The article looks at the growth and impact of coworking spaces with nurseries attached and we think that their description of Third Door is spot on: Upstairs “the atmosphere is calm but industrious in this bright, white space”, downstairs “toddlers are laughing, painting and making animals with play dough”.Bloomsbury BeginningsFarmWorkPlayPlaypen and Famalam were also featured alongside Third Door and we are excited to be leading a movement for working parents to find a way for their careers and families to grow together.

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The Financial Times

We hope this is just the beginning and that flexible childcare will soon be the norm and grow at the same pace as the gig economy. The Financial Times article “Bringing Up Baby in the Office” back in June looked at the growth internationally of coworking with childcare saying “they provide a community of like-minded co-workers, a place free from home distractions, while helping to assuage the guilt a new parent can feel when putting their child into daycare.”

BBC on Flexible Working

There is a strong drive for more flexible work to allow mothers to continue their careers but, according to a recent article from the BBC, “male employees want flexible work too”. They refer to a study by Timewise that shows full-time workers of both genders wanting flexibility to reduce commute times, increase leisure or study time, and to assist with childcare. We believe that, if jobs were flexible by default, more men could share childcare responsibilities and women could work in roles where their skills are fully utilised – decreasing the gender pay gap and promoting “equal parenting”.