With the summer holidays upon us, many parents are facing a juggling act to arrange sufficient care for their children. Our members whose children are young enough to use the Third Door Nursery (3 months to 5 years) don’t have to worry but what about older siblings or our members whose children have left Third Door and are now school age? We look forward to a time when we can offer a solution for all working parents, no matter the age of their children, but in the meantime there’s family, parental leave and flexible working.


More and more working parents are relying on their own parents for childcare, especially in the holidays. The Parentdex Report on the attitudes of parents towards childcare shows that grandparents are now the most used form of childcare in the UK with the majority (72%) of parents stating that they had relied on family members to look after their children. The good news is that research has also shown that grandparents who help care for grandchildren live longer than other seniors!

Parental leave: 

recent article in the Telegraph revealed that many working parents are unaware of their rights. They clarify that unpaid parental leave “allows parents to care for their child and can be taken for up to four weeks a year, in blocks of one week, to a maximum of 18 weeks for each child before they turn 18”. Unfortunately there is a lack of communication and stigma around parental leave with nearly half of men and 31 per cent of women saying they would worry about how it would impact their career.

Flexible working:

Whatever your career, we believe that flexible working, flexible childcare and equal parenting is the best way to balance your work and family life. Holidays should be a time to look forward to and not dread; a time to expand children’s horizons be it through travel, new experiences or simply spending quality time with their family. For inspiration about what to do in the holidays check out LondonistTime Out and Tots To Travel.