Today is our birthday. Exactly one year ago we opened our doors and embarked on a huge adventure. And what an adventure it has been!

We were the first flexible workspace with on-site childcare in the UK and we’re pleased to say that things are going great guns. So much so that we’re now looking to expand. Let us know where you’d like a Third Door by leaving us a comment below!

About us

If you’re not aware of Third Door, decease here’s a bit about us. We give parents the perfect solution: a place to work uninterrupted in an open-plan office while their children are taken care of in an OFSTED registered nursery downstairs, as and when they need it. We now have over 100 members, a quarter of whom use the space between 30 and 90 hours a month, with the remainder using it on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Many of our members sign up thinking they’ll just use us for occasional extra cover. But they quickly realise that it gives them far more benefits than they anticipated and so switch to using us as their primary place of work and childcare.

The main benefits cited by our members are flexibility, social interaction and networking.

Here’s what some of them have to say:

“I never realised just how lonely it was working at home on my own. Coming to Third Door is like being a part of team with the chance to have a gossip and catch up with work colleagues. You get a cheery smile and the chance to socialise with other people, rather than just staring at four walls.” Emma Insley of Insley Consulting.

“It’s the flexibility that we love about Third Door. A regular nursery just doesn’t allow for changes in hours or days and has none of the convenience of being able to work in the same building that your child is being taken care of. Third Door has given me the freedom to work the way I want to work and still ensure that our little girl is taken care of,” Rosie Nottage, a garden designer.

Setting up Third Door has been a massive learning curve. It’s not as simple as a regular nursery model and in a tough economic climate, it has been a huge amount of work (we would all quite fancy a day off!). But we now have a fantastic team in place, all the systems are operating smoothly and we’re learning continuously about what our customers need. We’re confident that it’s a model that works and we’re ready to expand. Parents need this new way of working and we’re committed to giving it to them. Evidence to this is the amount of emails we are regularly receiving, where parents have felt the need for a workspace with childcare, researched the idea and come across Third Door!

Our membership costs just £60 with various packages available depending on the hours required. The space can be booked as little as 36 hours in advance and can be used as combined work space and childcare or just one or the other. We also have meeting rooms for hire and we hold regular networking events on a range of subjects. To find out more go to or our Facebook page

Finally, if you live in the area and want to help us celebrate our first birthday, we will be holding a Big Lunch on Sunday 5 June outside our building on Point Pleasant, Wandsworth. We’ll be closing the street, setting up tables and invite any locals or interested parties to come along and join in the fun. There’ll be loads of kiddy activities, food for sale plus you can bring a plate of food to share too, and it’s a great way to meet other local parents and business people. It’ll run from 11am – 4pm

We’ll write more on this next week. So watch this space for details.

Till then, we’re off to celebrate turning one!